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1.   The Original Sin of Adam closed Heaven for all men (sanctifying grace was lost) ... Hell became the only possible destination for the immortal souls of men.
2.   God re-opened Heaven by founding the Catholic Church and re-introducing sanctifying grace to men's souls ... the same grace which Adam and Eve had lost.

                          We are currently in the Great Apostasy (world-wide rejection of God's Catholic Dogma), these warnings apply:
3.   Warning 1:  A non-Catholic anti-Christ cult (the vatican-2 heretic cult) took over all Catholic properties on 8 Dec 1965 ("v-2 council" close date).        [Section 12, 13]
4.   Warning 2:  No one Ordained those that you think are Priests ... all Bishops of the "v-2 council" were automatically excommunicated on 8 Dec 1965.     [Section 13.2]
5.   Warning 3:  Your fake "priests" turned you into heretics ... the stage shows are not Mass ... participation in the vatican-2 heresy excommunicates.    [Section 13.2.2]
6.   Warning 4:  Top level view ... why there is not a single Catholic Bishop or Priest in the world. God's Catholic Church is devastatingly small in numbers. [Section 13.6]
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7.    One can still be Catholic and get to Heaven with a proper baptism in water [Section 7] ... believing the Dogmas ... and keeping free from mortal sin.    [Section 10.1]
8.    All grace, both actual and sanctifying grace, starts with God and comes into the world ... by way of the Blessed Virgin ... as Jesus Christ Himself did.  [Section 4, 4.4]
9a.  The Old Testament Israelite religion was the Catholic Faith unfulfilled ... the "judaism" fable started about 200 B.C.  Jesus Christ was not a jew.  [Section 39.1, 39.4]
9b.  The "koran" is wrong ... Mohammed was not a prophet ... "allah" does not exist.  The so called "allah god" makes countless errors in the "koran".        [Section 113]
10.  All baptized heretics are excommunicated from Christianity and headed for Hell ... with the world's pagans (those not properly baptized in water).     [Section 7.2, 8]

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Miracles of the Brown Scapular ... Garment and Privileges granted by the Blessed Virgin

~         ~         ~


This Section relates promises of the Blessed Virgin regarding praying the Holy Rosary, wearing the Brown Scapular, and praying the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin. These promises apply to those who are in the Catholic Church. To be in the Catholic Church you have to be baptized in water and believe the Catholic Dogma and Sources of Dogma.

Some Catholic theologians explain the promises as either receiving the grace of perseverance in the state of grace or the grace of perfect contrition.

Since the Blessed Virgin is the Mediatrix of all grace that enters into the world, Catholic right reason causes us to conclude that these promises by the Blessed Virgin can be interpreted to mean that we will get to the justified state (be baptized in water) and remain in the justified state (whereby we maintain belief in the Catholic Faith whole and entire in the Catholic Dogma and Sources of Dogma), and die in that state.

~         ~         ~

In the year 1247 the Carmelite Order elected Simon Stock as Father General of the Carmelites. In the middle of the thirteenth century the anti-Christ Turks had re-invaded the Holy Land forcing the monks on Mt. Carmel to re-locate westward into Europe. The Order was having problems with internal disagreement, the plague reducing their number, and difficulty adapting to living in Europe.

Facing this dire state of the Carmelite Order Simon Stock prayed: "Flower of Carmel, Blossoming Vine, Splendor of Heaven, Mother Divine, none like unto Thee, Mother of our King. To Your children of Carmel favors grant ever, Star of the Sea."

On 16 July 1251, the Blessed Virgin appeared to Simon Stock (c. 1165-1265) surrounded by Angels and holding in her hands the brown scapular of the Carmelite habit.

The Blessed Virgin then stated >
"Take, beloved son, this scapular of thy Order as a badge of my confraternity, and for thee and for all Carmelites, a sign of grace. Whoever dies in this garment will not suffer everlasting fire. It is a sign of salvation, a safeguard in dangers, a pledge of peace and of the covenant."
and ...
"Wear the scapular devoutly and perseveringly. It is my garment. To be clothed in it means you are continually thinking of Me, and I in turn, am always thinking of you."


Soon, others heard of the wonderful promise of Our Lady and wanted a share in these graces as well. The Church thus extended the promise to anyone who would wear the Brown Scapular. The scapular, a narrow, apron-like piece of cloth, that hung over the shoulders so as to fall evenly in the front and back, was already part of the Carmelite habit. For the purpose of wider devotion, small scapulars developed which today consist of two pieces of brown cloth joined together by string, cloth, or cord and are worn over the shoulders.

Note: There are no Catholic Carmelites in the world at this time. This Order and all others who remained in the Vatican-2 jew-heretic cult ... after the Catholic Church lost its buildings to this cult in 1965 at the close of the "Vatican-2 council" ... are automatically excommunicated for physical participation in a heretical society. Any group claiming to have Catholic jurisdiction ... to have a religious Order in this era is automatically excommunicated for violation of the Catholic Dogma on Jurisdiction and Governance.

See Section 11 of this website for details on the Sabbatine Privilege regarding those who make it to Purgatory (about release on the first Saturday after you die).

Some of the Miracles associated with the Brown Scapular are as follows

~         ~         ~

Brown Scapular Miracle, Saved at sea

In late summer 1845, the English ship, "King of the Ocean" found itself in the middle of a wild hurricane. As wind and sea mercilessly lashed the ship, a heretic group leader, together with his wife and children and other passengers, struggled to the deck, the end seemed at hand.

Note: The heretics ("lutherans", "methodists", "baptists", etc) and pagans ("jews", "hindus", "mohammadens", etc.), at this point, probably thought that they were praying to God. All heretics and pagans pray to Satan (whether they know it or not, because their heretic and pagan idols do not even exist. Please see Section 32 of this website). The only ones who pray to God are Catholics.

Among the crew was a young Irishman, John McAuliffe. On seeing the urgency of the situation, the youth opened his shirt took off his Scapular, and, making the sign of the Cross with it over the raging waves, tossed it into the ocean. At that very moment, the wind calmed. Only one more wave washed the deck, bringing with it the Scapular, which came to rest at the boy’s feet. The heretic group leader, a Mr. Fisher, had been carefully observing McAuliffe’s actions and the miraculous effect of those actions. Upon questioning the young man, McAuliffe told them about the Holy Virgin and Her Scapular. Mr. Fisher and his family were so impressed that they were determined to enter the Catholic Church and leave their filthy heresy as soon as possible, and thereby enjoy the same protection of Our Lady’s Scapular.

Brown Scapular Miracle, Saved from fire

In May of 1957, an entire row of homes had caught fire in Westboden, Germany. The pious inhabitants of a 2-family home, seeing the fire, immediately fastened a Scapular to the main door of the house. Sparks flew over it and around it, but the house remained unharmed. Within 5 hours, 22 homes had been reduced to ashes. The one structure, which stood undamaged amidst the destruction, was that which had the Scapular attached to its door. The hundreds of people who came to see the place Our lady had saved are eye-witnesses to the power of the Scapular and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Maria.

Brown Scapular Miracle, Scapulars incorrupt

Pope Blessed Gregory X died 25 years after the Brown Scapular promise was made to St. Simon Stock while wearing his scapular. His tomb was opened 600 years later and his scapular had been preserved, perfectly intact.

St. Alphonsus Liguori and St. John Bosco also died wearing the scapular and priestly vestments. When their graves were opened years later, the bodies and vestments had decayed to dust but their scapulars remained perfectly intact. The Scapular of St. Alphonsus is on exhibit in his Monastery in Rome (unfortunately this is not a Catholic building at this time, it is under the control of the Vatican-2 heretic cult).

Brown Scapular Miracle, Saved during plan crash

In November of 1955, a plane carrying 27 passengers crashed in Guatemala. All the passengers died except for one young girl. She related that when the plane was going down, she clutched her scapular and cried out to Our Lady for help. She was burnt and her clothes were tattered and burnt as well, but the girl was overall unharmed and her Scapular free from any burns.

Brown Scapular Miracle, Saves two lives on battlefiled (during one of the jew-heretic war "efforts" to kill large numbers of people quickly)

My battalion was a member of the Irene Brigade. We were just about to advance. After we passed Eindhofen, our trucks and tanks went through Uden. In the evening we encamped on an old farm near Nijmegen. Behind the house there was an old wooden pump surrounded by bricks, to wash away the sweat and dust of hours of fighting. You can well imagine that we made good use of this opportunity. I was one in the group and so I tossed my jacket on the ground and hung my Scapular on the pump while I washed.

An hour later we received orders to proceed about a mile and a half further and to occupy a trench there. We were looking forward to being able to get a peaceful night’s sleep in that trench. I was about to lie down and was unbuttoning my collar when to my horror I realized that I no longer had my Scapular. It had been a gift from my mother. I had it with me all during the war and now that we were approaching the lion’s den was I to be deprived of it? To go fetch it was unthinkable, so I tried not to think about it any more and to go to sleep. I pitched and tossed from side to side, but I couldn’t get to sleep.

All around me, my buddies were sleeping like logs even though from time to time shells fell dangerously close. Finally I was overcome by the desire to get my Scapular back and I crept out among my sleeping companions. It wasn’t so easy to get past the sentry but I managed to do it and ran back the way we had come. It was pitch dark, but nevertheless I had good luck and in a short time I was back on the farm and at the pump. My hands glided searchingly all over the pump but the Scapular was gone. I was just about to strike a match when there was the sound of a dreadful explosion. What was I to do? Was that the sign of an enemy attack? As fast as I could I ran back to our trench. Maybe I could do something for my buddies there.

Near the trench I saw the engineers busily removing piles of dirt and barbed wire. At the very spot where my companions had been sleeping there yawned a gigantic shell-hole. Before the enemy had vacated this trench the enemy had placed a time bomb in it and it had exploded during my absence. Nobody survived the explosion. If I had not set out to fetch my Scapular, I would have been buried under that rubble too.

On the following morning I went to the field kitchen and met a buddy there. He looked at me with astonishment. "I thought you were in that trench!" "And I thought you were buried there!" My friend continued, "I was lying in the trench, but before I went to sleep I went looking for you. But I couldn’t find you. The corporal saw me hunting around and asked me what I wanted. When I told him what I was doing there he said, "Be sensible! Instead go to that inn nearby and get me a bottle of water." And while I was on the errand the explosion occurred.

"Well, I escaped it by a hair’s breadth too", I replied. "But why on earth were you looking for me so late at night?" "To give you this", he replied, and handed me my Scapular, which he had taken from the old pump.

Brown Scapular Miracle, Explosion at gas station

In the same year of 1955, a similar miracle occurred in the Midwest. A 3rd-grader stopped in a gasoline station to put air in his bicycle tires, and at that very moment an explosion occurred. The boy’s clothing was burned off, but his Brown Scapular remained unaffected: a symbol of Maria’s protection. Today, although he still bears a few scars from the explosion, this young man has special reason to remember the Blessed Mother’s protection in time of danger.

Brown Scapular Miracle, Priest saved from gunshot death

Still another Scapular miracle concerns a French priest who had gone on pilgrimage. On the way to say Mass, he remembered that he had forgotten his Scapular. He knew he would be late if he went back to retrieve it, but he could not envision offering Mass at Our Lady’s altar without Her Scapular. Later, as he was offering the Holy Sacrifice, a young man approached the altar, pulled out a gun, and shot the priest in the back. To the amazement of all, the priest continued to say the prayers of the Mass as though nothing had occurred. It was at first presumed that the bullet had miraculously missed its target. However, upon examination, the bullet was found adhering to the Brown Scapular, which the priest had so obstinately refused to be without.

Brown Scapular Miracle, Saved from suicide plane (during the "ww-2" jew-heretic effort to kill large numbers of people quickly)

"I was on the battleship the U.S.S. Nevada during WW II in the Pacific. I always wore my Scapular because I was brought up close to the Church, and I kept it on me all through the war. The ship was loaded with dynamite. A suicide plane hit the deck real close to where I was positioned. The blast blew open the bolted steel doors of the compartment. I alone was left uninjured after the explosion. The rest were all dead or seriously mangled. I was the only one untouched and I attribute it to the wearing of my Scapular."

Mr. Mosco later received a commendation from the Admiral of the fleet for bravery, but in his heart he firmly believes that the credit goes to Our Lady, the Virgin most powerful, who works such wonders through Her Habit of Salvation.

Enrolling in the Confraternity of the Brown Scapular

~         ~         ~

There are no priests at this time to enroll you into the Confraternity of the Brown Scapular ... so simply read through the below prayer on your own after purchasing a Brown Scapular from the internet. Also if you Google "free Brown Scapular" you'll get over 20,000 hits.

Wear the Scapular continuously it doesn't matter if it gets wet. When it wears out, just replace it ... you do not have to say the enrollment prayer again.

Priest:  Show us, O Lord, Thy mercy.

Enrollee:  And grant us Thy salvation.

Priest:  Lord, hear my prayer.

Enrollee:  And let my cry come unto Thee.

Priest:  The Lord be with you.

Enrollee:  And with your spirit.

Priest:  Lord Jesus Christ, Redeemer of the human race, sanctify by Thy power these scapulars, which for love of Thee and for love of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Thy servants will wear devoutly, so that through the intercession of the same Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and protected against the evil spirit, they persevere until death in Thy grace. Thou who liveth and reigneth world without end. Amen.

The Priest does the aspersion (Blessing with Holy Water) and invests persons, saying:

Priest:  Receive this blessed scapular and beseech the Blessed Virgin that through Her merits, you may wear it without stain. May it defend you against all adversity and accompany you to eternal life. Amen

After investiture the Priest continues with the Prayers:

Priest:  I, by the power vested in me, admit you to participate in all the spiritual benefits obtained through the mercy of Jesus Christ by the Religious Order of Mount Carmel.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May God Almighty, the Creator of Heaven and earth, bless you, He who has deigned to join you to the Confraternity of the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel; we beseech Her to crush the head of the ancient serpent so that you may enter into possession of your eternal heritage through Christ our Lord.

Enrollee:  Amen

~ ~ ~ ~

A Brown Scapular with a heavier cord such as the one pictured here will hold up
much better ... one source: www.sacramentals.com/BrownScapular.htm

~ ~ ~ ~

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Immaculate Heart of Mary    ~     Our Lady of Good Remedy    ~     Our Lady of La Salette    ~     Immaculate Heart of Mary

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Mother of Christ
Hear Thou thy people's cry
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Ezechiel 44:2 > "This gate shall be shut … no man shall pass through it … the Lord the God of Israel hath entered in by it." Proverbs 8:35 > "He that shall find me (the Blessed Virgin), shall find life, and shall have salvation from the Lord."
St. Bonaventure, died 1274 > "No one ever finds Christ but with and through Maria. Whoever seeks Christ apart from Maria seeks Him in vain." Genesis 3:15 > "I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel."
Ecclesiasticus 24:25 > "In me is all grace of the way and the truth, in me is all hope of life and virtue." St. Antoninus, died 1459 > "All graces that have ever been bestowed on men, all of them came through Maria."
St. John Damascene, died 749 > "Pure and Immaculate Virgin, save me and deliver me from eternal damnation." Wisdom 7:26 > "For she is the brightness of eternal light, and the unspotted mirror of God's majesty."
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Proverbs 30:11-12 > "There is a generation that ... doth not bless their mother. A generation pure in their own eyes and yet not washed from their filthiness." Blessed John Eudes, died 1680 > "Every grace and blessing possessed by the Church, all the treasures of light, holiness, and glory ... are due to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Maria."
St. Athanasius, died 373 > "Thou, O Lady, were filled with grace, so that thou might be the way of our salvation and the means of ascent into the heavenly kingdom." Psalm 131:8 > "Arise, O Lord, into Thy resting place: Thou and the ark, which Thou hast sanctified."  (The Blessed Virgin bodily in Heaven)
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Truth of the super-natural order:
All grace starts with God, goes to the hands of the Blessed Virgin, and then into the world. God (Grace Himself) came into the world
by the Blessed Virgin, God never changes, all grace follows the same path to this day and until the end of the world.

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